Is it a plane? Is it a ... No it's SQLMan!! Forged in the laboratory of Dr. Codd, he got the powers of SQL:2003, ISO-11179 and ISO-8601. He is here to rescue us from Web 2.0 XP-Agile-cowboy coders, who have just discovered the incredible powers of the relational database. But in theire feeble quest to take over the world, they misuse their new found powers using surrogate keys, map tables to classes, don't abstract from the underlaying architecture, thinking colums are fields and reading "Teach yourself SQL in 24 hours" rader than "SQL programming Style". The powers of SQL takes decenniums to master, in the wrong unexperienced hands it may be a totally disaster. Luckily SQLman is here now!
Read about he's ongoing fight against the unlighted here!

This post was inspired by this post by Ken Henderson ...


Denis the SQL Menace said...

Very nice indeed and you didn't have to change the logo either, the S stands for SQL instead of Superman

RADl0PASlV said...