Computus - Easter Sunday in SQL Server 2005

Working on an article about an auxiliary calendar table I needed to find a routine for calculating Easter Sunday. Many years ago I made my Delphi routine for this, and haven't really thought much about it since. Reading an article about calendar tables I found a function doing the trick. I tested the routine and it happened to fail so I needed to find another one. Luckily today we have wikipedia, something we didn't 10 years ago when I found my last Easter Sunday function.

From Wikipedia: Computus (Latin for computation) is the calculation of the date of Easter in the Christian calendar.
In the article I found the Meeus/Jones/Butcher Gregorian algorithm that is supposed to work for any Easter ever in the Gregorian calendar.

CREATE FUNCTION [Auxiliary].[Computus]
@Y INT -- The year we are calculating Easter Sunday for

@a INT,
@b INT,
@c INT,
@d INT,
@e INT,
@f INT,
@g INT,
@h INT,
@i INT,
@k INT,
@m INT

@a = @Y % 19
SET @b = @Y / 100
SET @c = @Y % 100
SET @d = @b / 4
SET @e = @b % 4
SET @f = (@b + 8) / 25
SET @g = (@b - @f + 1) / 3
SET @h = (19 * @a + @b - @d - @g + 15) % 30
SET @i = @c / 4
SET @k = @c % 4
SET @L = (32 + 2 * @e + 2 * @i - @h - @k) % 7
SET @m = (@a + 11 * @h + 22 * @L) / 451
RETURN(DATEADD(month, ((@h + @L - 7 * @m + 114) / 31)-1, cast(cast(@Y AS VARCHAR) AS Datetime)) + ((@h + @L - 7 * @m + 114) % 31))

I got no clue about the intricacy of this math. But it works and that's fine for me :-)

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